Orchestra 18/20 Promoters' Information

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Music Festivals and Subscription Series Concerts

Orchestra 18/20 prides itself on its versatility, and is particularly suited to music festival engagements and subscription series concerts. Owing to our size (usually 13-17 players) and our commitment to rehearsing, we are able to present world-class chamber orchestral playing for a fraction of the price normally paid for a full-strength chamber orchestra. Our programming is scintillating, innovative and far more intriguing than is often the case with ensembles. We aim to fill a gap for promoters, enabling you to present an affordable but musically serious and artistically excellent chamber orchestral concert.

Music festival engagement fees begin at £3,995 + travel/distance/late return (if applicable) for one concert involving the 14-piece orchestra ( and including one or two oboe concertos. Porterage and harpsichord tuning are also included. A programme utilising additional orchestral musicians and/or soloists will be charged at a higher rate. Please contact Althea to discuss your requirements, and for a quote.

Choral Society Engagements

Orchestra 18/20 is available for certain kinds of choral society concert, namely a performance requiring a small-scale string orchestra, with a solo concerto or two to help balance and extend the programme. A good example would be a programme including pieces such as Vivaldi's Gloria, Handel's Dixit Dominus or Ode to the Birthday of Queen Anne, or similar. An appropriate oboe concerto and/or double concerto with violin can then be included to broaden the programme's appeal. Naturally, we welcome the music direction of your conductor.

Choral society engagement fees begin at £1,995 + travel/distance/late return (if applicable). This rate includes the fee for a 13-piece orchestra with a line-up,  porterage, harpsichord tuning and one or two oboe concertos. A concerto using another soloist, such as a violinist, will necessitate a price increase. This fee is for one three-hour rehearsal on the day of the performance, with the rehearsal beginning no more than 6 hours before the performance start time, and finishing no less than 90 minutes before the concert. Any increase on this time limit in either direction will necessitate overtime payments in accordance with MU rules.

For suitable concerto repertoire, please click here